ELS Hall Park field

We started to dream up Laundromat in Australia in the summer of 2015, with nothing but a sense of nostalgia and collection of memories–

from gathering wild freesias in the hazy afternoon,
running barefoot across the scorching asphalt,
mom’s buttery crêpes with orange sauce,
long drives with dad and Sting,
wading into the bay to watch the sun set with bellies full of sweet grilled fish,
trawling local antique markets for treasure

–to everlasting nights whiled away planning our escape from the warm, sleepy suburbia, forever pondering the significance of our small existence deep into the early hours,

hungrily chasing our elusive dreams, hearts brimming with naïve courage.

Vintage-inspired clothing made with integrity, always with an enduring wardrobe in mind.

– Fatima & Azize

Fatima & Azize having a picnic with Mum

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