Season Two

We flew back home just as winter was fading and spring was about to bloom. We spent two days driving through the most remote areas we could reach, right to the edges of Sydney. Passing farms, fields and paddocks, an orange orchard and seemingly endless roads lined with gumtrees filtering the afternoon sun. As the fog cleared one early morning, we came across an empty paddock surrounded by farms, leading down to the broad and winding Hawkesbury River. Exploring with muddy shoes, wet from the morning dew, we tried to count the different birds we could hear singing in the thin, crisp air.

Season Two is cozy yet sophisticated, with daydreams of the English countryside and an intrigue for the mysterious and opulent 1970s. Find details from vintage British outerwear and sumptuous fabrics spun with glitter and gold. There are pieces to transition you into Fall, through Winter, and to keep forever after.

Photographed by our designer Fatima, with assistance from novice videographer and jack-of-all-trades, Azize.

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