Season One

Mum always filled our home with flowers on special days, or when the bush overflowed with wild freesias. She filled our little apartment with lilies, sunflowers and marguerites to welcome us back home last Spring. We borrowed these for our photo shoot, along with her collection of antique china, cutlery, picnic rug, baskets and vases; all gathered from the op-shop where she volunteers twice a week. Dad built us a makeshift clothes rack with an extension pole used for painting the house and we borrowed our brother’s camera lens. We spent days roaring up and down Sydney’s coast in Mum’s Hyundai, searching for the perfect location, until we came across Congwong Beach, hidden at the bottom of a narrow bush trail. Scoping it out early one morning, we made the first footprints in the sand, with PB toast in hand and a thermos of instant coffee; watching the waves gently roll in and the wrens playing in the reeds nearby.

Season One is warm and familiar with a sunny nostalgia for our childhood home, old-school films and icons, vintage clothing and a thread of wistfulness. It’s the culmination of 3 years living away from home, hauling bags of fabric on buses and trains, rejections from buyers, dwindling friendships and hairlines, existential crises, late night deep and meaningfuls in far-flung convenience stores – and, in the end, finally having the courage to do what felt the most like ‘us’.

Photographed by our designer Fatima –inexperienced but determined; with assistance from the brains of the operation, Azize. (Catch her adding a personal touch, bottom left corner of our Matisse Trousers photo).

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